Question:  What should I wear to the retreat?
Answer: The retreat is casual, so dress comfortably. Bring yoga clothes for yoga classes. Jeans if you want to ride horses at Vanhoozer Farms or take the ATVs out for a ride.

Question:  Do I need to take my shoes off in the living spaces and yoga studio?
Answer: Please do remove your shoes before coming into the houses or yoga spaces. Cubicles are provided for your belongings.

Question:  I've never done yoga before. Will I be able to keep up?
Answer: Yes, all the yoga classes are targeted to beginners. If you have mobility issues, you may practice chair yoga. Our instructions offer modifications for people of all skill levels.

Question:  I have special dietary needs. Will you be able to accommodate me?
Answer: Absolutely. Just let us know ahead of time about your dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Question:  Will I be allowed to bring my electronic devices?
Answer: You may bring your electronic devices, but if you are attending a program, we ask that you please leave your devices in your room. There is a central number for people to call in case of emergency. This a yoga/creativity retreat and we want to keep outside distractions to a minimum. In your free time, you will have full access to your electronics.