your host,
​lori wilde
The impulse to create Epiphany Orchards came out of the blue, as most true epiphanies do.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

I was sitting in a hospital waiting room with a loved one—something I’d been doing a lot lately—bored, worried, and flipping through Zillow ads on my cell phone, looking for vision board inspirations for my current heroine’s home.

That’s when I saw it:

First day on the market
A ten-acre peach orchard
White picket fence
Cape Cod
Detached buildings for yoga and a bunkhouse
Heated salt-water pool and hot tub
Lots of trees, but also a long stretch of open land.
Access to a community lake

I stared at the house and inside my head I heard a quiet, calm voice tell me in no uncertain terms: You must buy this house and start a yoga/creativity retreat for artists.

Through daily writing, yoga, breath work and meditation practice, I’d learned that when the Divine voice speaks, you listen. The minute I got home from the hospital, I made a call and within six weeks, the property was mine.

Everything fell into place like stacked dominoes, one serendipitous moment after another. Money appeared when I needed it most. The right people showed up to help at the right time. At every turn the Universe was telling me that I was on the right path.

And yet my fears kept cropping up. Would people think I was weird? Would I lose readers, friends, or family over this move?

Loudest of all: Who was I to lead a yoga/creativity retreat?

Yes, I’d published 87 works of fiction. Yes, I had hit the New York Times, USA TODAY and Publisher’s Weekly bestseller lists on numerous occasions.  Yes, I’d thrice been nominated for the Romance Writers’ of America's prestigious RITA award. Yes, I’d sold well over three million copies of my books. Yes, some of my books had been optioned for TV movies. Yes, my books had been translated into twenty-two languages. Yes, I was also a registered nurse with a BSN from Texas Christian University with a certificate in forensics. And yes, I was a certified Hatha yoga teacher.

But was I really qualified?

That’s the thing about the ego mind. It likes to pump us up, but it can tear us down just as quickly.
​​Our mission? To be of service to artists and to guide them as they learn to tap into their own inner muses. Through the use of yoga, meditation, breath work, writing exercises, healthy eating, and sacred play, we will explore how to break through blocks, let go of attachment to outcomes, quiet the noisy mind chatter, and live in the present state of abundant flow.

We hope you’ll find a workshop at Epiphany Orchards that appeals to you.